Crytek Working on a New Shooter IP, Canceled a 3rd Person Shooter

After releasing the commercially and critically successful Crysis 2, developer Crytek has begun work on a new shooter IP, after cancelling  development on a 3rd person shooter.

Spotted by internet sleuth Superannuation, the LinkedIn profile of David Ramos, Gameplay/Animation Programmer at Crytek GmbH, revealed the new game:

New IP, shooter genre, TBA title for Xbox360, PS3 and PC (1 year)

– Implementation of several core gameplay mechanics architectures

– Main animation programmer at game code level

– Refactored the code handling the input for aiming to drastically improve its feeling

– General optimization tasks for consoles at game code level

– Co-designed many of the project game mechanics

New IP, third person shooter genre, cancelled title for Xbox360,PS3 and PC (half a year)

– Responsible of maintaining most of the animation-related functionality

Additionally, the CV of Dimitry Kachkovski names the canceled game as Redemption.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that Crysis 3 isn’t in development, or that Timesplitters isn’t being worked on by their UK studio, but it’s great to see that Crytek are still looking to bring out a new IP in this console cycle.