PSN Indie Devs Discuss The Development Process at Comic-Con Panel

#13 - Journey

Comic-Con isn’t just about the big reveals, it also has a lot of interesting panels where people involved in movies, tv, comics, or videogames can talk about their respective art. As usual, there were panels for shows like Dexter and Family Guy, but there were also some great panels from videogame developers. One panel that stood out featured a group of indie PSN developers.

The panel was hosted by Nathan Vella of Capybara Games and featured Mike Burns, president of Fuel Entertainment; Ulf Anderson, from Overkill Software and co-creator of Payday; Vander Caballero, creative director of Minority Incorporated; and Kellee Santiago and Jenova Chen from thatgamecompany. One of the highlights of the panel is when Jenova Chen revealed some of the inspiration for Journey. Chen shows a painting he made that conveyed the emotion and feel he imagined for Journey. As Chen described it, he enjoyed playing games like World Of Warcraft, but didn’t like having to talk to people all the time. So, he imagined a game where players had to rely on each other, but had to communicate without speech. Other members of the panel talk about their love of video games and how much they enjoy their line of work. Below is a highlight reel that shows off some of the best parts of the panel.

[viddler id=77373bff&w=545&h=307]