505 Games Clarifies Press Release, Vita Fall Release Window “Only Speculative”

Earlier today, 505 Games’ press release got quite a bit of attention when it alluded to a fall release for the PlayStation Vita. According to the release, the developer’s upcoming title Supremacy MMA will launch on Sony’s new handheld this fall. Naturally this caused quite a stir as PlayStation fans took this to be confirmation that the PSV will in fact launch by year’s end. However, 505 has released a statement clarifying that the release window “is only speculative”.

According to Sony, “at least one” territory will see the console before 2012. There’s little reason to doubt that Japanese gamers will be among the first to get their hands on the shiny new handheld, though a fall 2011 release in other territories is still a possibility. Word has it that the UK will likely see the game early next year, with North American gamers possibly getting it a bit earlier before Christmas.

Naturally, Sony does not comment on rumor and speculation, so it looks like we’ll have to wait until gamescom where we’ll hopefully get a firm release date.