Novarama Dev Confirms PS Vita Ram Cut

The PlayStation Vita is an impressive, little handheld, with two analog sticks, a 5 inch OLED screen, 3G connectivity, and even cross game chat. A few months ago, rumors spread that Sony had to cut the RAM of the Vita in half from 512mb to 256mb to make it cheaper for consumers, something that Novarama may have unwittingly confirmed.

Dani Sánchez-Crespo, CEO of Novarama, spoke recently to Develop and the conversation steered towards the Vita. When asked if the alleged RAM cut would affect the studios development, he replied:

No, that won’t affect us. It’s actually good for developers to work under constraint. Generally for Vita, we still have a whole lot of headroom in terms of GPU power, CPU power and indeed RAM. Remember the PSP had 32 MG of RAM, we have about ten times that now.

So, it seems that Sánchez-Crespo has confirmed that there was some sort of cut to the Vita’s RAM. Whether or not the RAM cut is as severe as the rumors suggested, is still unknown. Stick with PlayStation LifeStyle as we ram as much Vita news onto the site as possible.

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