Deus Ex Video Takes on Social & Hacking, Devs Discuss Mechanics

You must become adept at hacking.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution is centered around four pillars of gameplay: hacking, combat, social, and stealth. Yesterday, we covered the stealth pillar with a new video released by the developers. Today, the developers have sat down to talk about the social and hacking aspects of the game. Don’t worry, hacking is much more fun than it is in real life.

Social interactions will be a major factor in information gathering. Players will be able to talk to NPCs to learn better ways to accomplish a mission, but NPCs will have their own agenda and will only give up information for certain reasons. There will also be side quests available that will be very important to the NPCs asking the favor, but will still help the player. As with the other pillars of gameplay, there will be augmentations to help you complete social actions. For example, there is an augmentation that helps you understand the emotional feedback of the person you are talking to.

The developers also talk about the hacking system in the game. Hacking is a skill that can be used to either gather information or help you take out enemies. Hacking can get you access to computers, safes, alarm systems, sentry bots, and much more. The more you improve your hacking augmentations, the higher level security devices you can hack into.

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