Deus Ex Devs Discuss Last Pillar of Gameplay: Combat

Earlier, the developers of Deus Ex: Human Revolution released a video discussing the stealth mechanic and another video that discussed the social and hacking aspects. Now, the developers have released the last video in the series.

This video is all about combat. The developers start out by saying that if you are the type of gamer that prefers combat, then the game will reward you by making the combat “spectacular.” The combat will emphasis tactics and players will have plenty of time to survey the area and make decisions. The cover system builds on this by not only giving the player cover, but by giving the player a great view of the area. Weapons in the game will also be upgradeable. For example, mines can be combined with frag grenades to create proximity mines and the revolver can be upgraded to explosive rounds. Lastly, the developers make sure to say that players are not restricted to one type of gameplay and are free to switch it up as much as possible.