It’s Not PS3, It’s HBO

The second largest premium subscription network in North America, HBO has produced some of the most popular television series such as The SopranosEntourageSix Feet Under, True Blood and Game of Thrones. In February 2010, HBO launched HBO Go, which let subscribers watch HBO programming on their computer or mobile device. Time Warner’s CEO confirmed today that they are looking to bring HBO Go to consoles.

It was reported earlier that half of all Netflix streaming comes from consoles, so it isn’t surprising that Time Warner would want in on that action. There weren’t any details given about when HBO Go might be coming to the Wii, PS3 or 360, or what features it will have, but CEO Jeff Bewkes elaborated on the success of HBO Go. HBO Go mobile apps have been downloaded more than 4 billion times since its launch and Bewkes claims that subscribers that use Go watch more HBO programs than those who don’t take advantage of the service. Bewkes also revealed that they would like to extend the service to internet connected TVs such as Sony’s Bravia TV.

It is possible that HBO Go could be the Movie/TV streaming service in development by SCEE.

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