A New IP of Epic Proportions

We’ve spotted a new game IP on the horizon, and it’s coming from a very reputable developer.

It wasn’t long ago that Cliff Bleszinski mentioned he was itching to move on from Gears of War, despite Gears of War 3 being the current focus of his development team, Epic Games. To stay fresh and on top of the industry it’s always smart to look to the future, so it comes as no surprise that Cliff was serious in saying this, and now we have evidence that Epic is indeed moving on to new properties. A recent job posting seeking a gameplay programmer for Epic has been spotted, which specifically mentions that they are looking for someone to “join the team currently working on Gears of War 3, as well as a new unannounced IP in development.” Unfortunately, the rest of the posting offers no further clues, with just the usual run down about looking for someone with design experience, Unreal Engine experience, and get this – programming skills.

We can’t even assume the game will be multiplatform, but we sure can be hopeful. After the release of Bulletstorm earlier this year it would be nice to see more from Epic Games hitting our platform, but the game’s inability to turn a profit might make them hesitant to do so. It’s a shame that’s the case, since Bulletstorm is a good game, and provides the type of shooting and foul mouthed comic relief Duke Nukem Forever should have had. Hopefully, Epic Games will give us another shot at playing through another well made adventure, and we’ll let you know as soon as we find out if that’s the case, which will likely be after Gears of War 3‘s in September.