Final Fantasy Versus XIII Continues Slumber, Will Miss Tokyo Game Show

It has been a long time since we learned anything new about the elusive Final Fantasy Versus XIII. While many of you, including myself, were hoping for some big news out of the Tokyo Game Show, get ready for disappointment – which you should be used to by now. Sadly, Final Fantasy Versus XIII will not be making an appearance at TGS this year.

Director Tetsuya Nomura revealed the dreaded information in the latest issue of Dengeki PlayStation. While he didn’t say why, he did say that he has already decided on the timing of the RPG’s next showing. It could be that they don’t want Versus XIII to overshadow XIII-2 and so we could possibly see something early next year concerning the title, but I wouldn’t hold your breath.

Versus XIII was first revealed back in 2006, and since then Square Enix has revealed and released game after game, while keeping possibly the biggest and best looking title in the wings. Could Versus XIII be the next Duke Nukem, in production for so long that by the time it releases, all of it’s ideas are old and outdated? Let us know in the comments when you think it will release, if ever.