BioShock Infinite to Fully Realize the PS3’s Power for its Series’ First Time

Looking back on this generation’s greatest and perhaps most surprising offerings, BioShock stands among a few that will be remembered forever. It’s almost crazy to think that 2K Games withheld the original release for a full year before letting PS3 owners explore the halls of rapture. As is usually the case, PS3 owners will have the last laugh with BioShock, as its development team plans to fully utilize the PS3’s strengths in their upcoming title, BioShock Infinite.

Ken Levine, President and BioShock mastermind at Irrational Games, had some good words to share with PS3 owners looking to pick up BioShock Infinite when it arrives next year. In his latest interview, Ken stated:

We were Xbox-first for the original game, and now we have something to demonstrate to the PlayStation 3 audience. We love the platform. I have three PS3s at my house.

Okay, so no hard feelings Mr. Levine. BioShock eventually found its way to Sony’s current generation platform, but what does your new-found love mean for BioShock Infinite? He stated:

The PS3 has a different architecture than we had encountered before, but because we helped port BioShock to the PS3, we’ve become very familiar with it. And we have a new engine for BioShock Infinite, so we started the game knowing we’d be on PS3. We started thinking about how to leverage the multiple cores from the start of development, so we’re in a much better place this time on PS3.

What makes the above quote especially exciting is that BioShock Infinite is a gorgeous game. The same artistic, polished design of the past two releases has carried over, and now that the environments are far more open-ended rather than stuck within the confines of Rapture, pristine visuals amplify the experience.

BioShock Infinite won one of our Best of E3 Awards, so if you aren’t already anticipating its release next year, then be sure to read our E3 Preview to see why you should.