Best of E3 Award Winners

The dust has finally settled on the annual megaton explosion that is the Electronic Entertainment Expo. The PSLS staff is still recovering from what might just be the largest show ever, but we’ve managed to muster up enough strength to do the unthinkable: narrow down all the amazing games at E3 2011 to a short list of just 10 of the very best titles shown.

E3 is filled with over 200 exhibitors, and hundreds upon hundreds of games on display. Selecting ten worthy titles is no simple feat, but it’s something that we simply must do for you, the readers. The following titles are the undisputed best of the best shown during E3 (in no particular order):

Arkham Asylum was easily the best superhero game ever made, proving that when a game isn’t a movie tie-in, it can truly shine. Swapping the asylum for a section of the city, Arkham City will be bigger, badder and filled with even more Batman. Read our full E3 preview >>

Stunning, gorgeous and striking, the mere mention of the word Battlefield 3 sends shivers down Bobby Kotick’s spine. But BF3 is far more than just the prettiest girl at the prom, with realistic and enjoyable gameplay making the game a must-have this October. Read our full E3 preview >>

Back in the hands of Bioshock developer Irrational Games, Infinite literally aims for the sky, with the game’s environment set in a flying city. A traditional Bioshock dystopia, Columbia is embroiled in a vicious civil war – but that doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun. Read our full E3 preview >>

The spiritual successor to Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls will continue to push gamer’s levels of sanity as From Software’s RPG once again ups the ante of game difficulty. But once you’ve managed to struggle past the various traps and enemies, you’ll find a terrific game. Read our full E3 preview >>

Agent 47 makes his PS3 debut in Hitman: Absolution. Very little was revealed during E3 2011, but what was shown was nothing short of amazing. The demo put Agent 47 in the stickiest of situations, which he approached with caution, clarity, and style. Before the demo ended, and entire police force was decimated, and Agent 47 walked away from the mess without even breaking a sweat. This is definitely one to watch in 2012. Read our full E3 preview >>

Although Mass Effect 3 strays away from certain aspects of Mass Effect 2, think of it more of an evolution of the game. Commander Shepard will focus more on gunplay, but that doesn’t mean Mass Effect 3 won’t be filled with RPG elements and a story worth of the name Mass Effect. Earth is under attack and there’s only one man (or woman, depending on which gender you select) capable of saving the day, and that’s Commander Shepard. Reapers beware. Readers be on alert, Mass Effect 3 is a must-have. Read our full E3 preview >>

Being the fifth installment in the storied Elder Scrolls franchise means that Skyrim needs to be simply enormous in scope, but brimming with detail and life. From what was shown during E3 2011, it’s obvious that not only will Bethesda not disappoint, but they’re sure to blow away the high-expectations of series’ fans. This game is going to be hotter than a fire-breathing Dragon’s breath after eating habenero peppers. Read our full E3 preview >>

Sound Shapes is Jonathan Mak and Queasy Games’ latest game, but this time the title is for the PlayStation Vita. Using a shape to navigate and platform through a level filled with more shapes, vibrant colors and sound-producing orbs, you’ll create a beat that’ll have you nodding your head in no time. The visual style is unique and the music created is bliss. Adding an easy-to-use level editor to the mix is the icing on this deliciously sweet cake. Read our full E3 preview >>

Tomb Raider is back, but this time Lara Croft isn’t the fearless femme fatale from before. In this origins story, you’ll find out how the gentle, vulnerable Lara Croft grew into the confident, pistol-wielding, unstoppable force she was in later games. Read our full E3 preview >>

Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception has all of the makings to become Game of the Year, much like its predecessor Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. The game features blockbuster cinematics, gameplay full of finesse, an all-star cast of characters, and a storyline that will keep you at the edge of your seat. All the ingredients necessary to win one of prestigious Best of E3 awards, and we’re sure it will pick up many more awards when it releases this November. Read our full E3 preview >>