New PSP Entertainment Pack Races to Line of Scrimmage

Unfortunately, the PSP’s future line-up is very lacking, with hardly any titles planned to release on the handheld. However, Madden NFL 12 doesn’t discriminate against any platform, no matter how numbered its days are. That’s why Sony is bundling Madden NFL 12 among other things in an all-new PSP Entertainment Pack.

Tackling store shelves on August 30th, will be this new Madden NFL 12 & Need for Speed: Shift PSP Entertainment Pack. Also included with those two titles will be a PSP-3000 (duh!) and a 2GB Memory Stick Pro Duo all for $159.99.

Need for Speed: Shift is almost 2 years old, which goes to show just how lacking the PSP really is on exciting new software. Regardless, it’s a decent bundle and will appeal well to mainstream gamers looking for a way to play Madden on the go.

This PSP Entertainment Pack proves that Sony needs to hurry up and release the Vita here in the US, because the PSP has no life left.