Sony and LG Resolve Patent Disputes, Sign Cross-Licensing Deal

Sony and LG haven’t been on the best of terms lately, with patent disputes serving as the major reason for conflict between the two companies. The issues involve smartphone, TV and Blu-ray technology, but since have been remedied through a newly formed cross-licensing deal.

According to a report from Reuters, the issues between the two companies started three years ago, after failing to renew a technology sharing agreement that has long since expired. Sony filed a complaint against LG that attempted to prevent the shipping of several different LG smartphones to the United States. Naturally, LG pushed back claiming the PS3 infringed on their Blu-ray tech, temporarily blocking PS3 shipments to Europe. Not a good situation.

Fortunately, these two major electronics companies have come to a consensus of sorts, with Sony confirming their involvement in this cross-licensing deal though refusing to comment any further on the matter. A spokesperson from LG spoke out however, providing a brief comment regarding the deal:

LG and Sony recently agreed to drop patent infringement lawsuits against each other.