300,000 PS3s Were Seized, Valued at €43 million

March 10, 2011Written by Sebastian Moss

As we speak, the future of PlayStation 3’s in the Netherlands hangs in the balance, and with the country being Sony’s main point of import for PS3s into Europe, the outcome of a legal battle between LG and Sony affects the whole continent.

In The Hague, Netherlands, Sony and LG are disputing whether the PS3 infringes on several LG patents right now, but are facing an “uphill battle” 10 days ago, LG used a unique Dutch law that allows items to be seized before a ruling was made, confiscating PS3’s in Sony’s Tilburn Centre. Now, during the court case, the number and value of PS3’s seized has apparently been revealed.

Gamer.nl reports (translated):

In Sony’s distribution center in Tilburg last week 225,000 PlayStation 3’s were seized. The other consoles have been taken by Customs at the port of Rotterdam and Schiphol. The value of the seized PlayStation 3’s is 43 million euros.

Florian Mueller – who we interviewed yesterday – also reported on the figures, but warned they have yet to be confirmed:

1st report from The Hague (caution: not yet corroborated!): 300K PS3s seized in NL, 225K in warehouse, 75K at customs, value ~ €43 million.

*Update* – Mueller has backed up the original source, claiming further proof that the figures are indeed correct:

I have now heard from a 2nd, independent source that roughly 300,000 PlayStations have been seized in Holland.

Gamer.nl also revealed that a full court case will be held on November 18th, that will delve into the legitimacy of LG’s claims.

Stay tuned to PlayStation LifeStyle for more coverage of the court case as it happens.