Report: Sony Using Custom PS3s for PlayStation Now, EU Gets Streaming in 2015

Citing “sources who have been briefed on the project,” Digital Foundry posted on Eurogamer that those sources are suggesting the new PS3 hardware being used to power PlayStation Now will consists of eight custom consoles built into a single rack server.

Furthermore, Digital Foundry is also reporting that Sony tried to use standard retail PS3 units placed into datacentres, but they ultimately scrapped this due to space requirements, along with the fact that it would take up a lot of power. In the end, they said that “Sony’s engineers were able to mitigate both issues by shrinking the equivalent of eight PS3s onto a single motherboard, housed in a slimline server cabinet,” with this solution also helping reduce some milliseconds to lower end-to-end latency.

On top of all this, they have leaked a slide, which supposedly comes from a PlayStation Now presentation and shows the future launch plans of PlayStation Now:


If this slide is true, it would fit right in with a previous rumor which showed how Europe might not receive the service until 2015.

You can read up on all things PlayStation Now by following this link.

For those of you in Europe, what do you think of the Q1 2015 release date for PS Now becoming more and more like a reality? Let us know in the comments below.