Analyst Predicts 2.5 Million Vitas to be Sold in Japan This Fiscal Year

While the PlayStation Vita might not be making its way over to North America or Europe until 2012, the handheld will release in Japan this holiday season. As the only nation to still strongly support the PSP, it’s easy to predict that the device will be successful, but it’s hard to say just how popular the gaming device will be.

SMBC Nikko Securities analyst Kazuharu Miura forecasts sales of 2.5 million units by the end of the current fiscal year in March 2012 according to a report by Bloomberg Japan. Additionally, he predicts software sales of 7 million units – meaning an average of 2.8 games per Vita. By March 2013, Miura expects Vita to have sold 8.5 million units and 28 million units of – an average of 3.3 games. Miura admitted that the sales numbers could change depending on the handheld’s line-up.

With the Vita set to be sold at a loss, Miura expects that Sony will lose ¥5,000 ($65.12) per system at first, with the loss falling to ¥2,500 ($32.56) per system during the end of the financial year 2013.

Also in the report, Ace Securities analyst Hideki Yasuda said that the higher resolution of the Vita would cause problems due to the increased development time for games, and that developers could have difficulties developing for a platform where the system’s sales are unsure.

The Japanese release date for the Vita is expected to be revealed at the Tokyo Game Show this September.