Doom 4 to Challenge the PS3’s Blu-ray with its Ginormous Size

Doom 4. We all know it exists, and even better we all know it’ll scare the pajamas off of us in the coming years, but id Software isn’t ready to talk about it yet. Well, at least they thought they weren’t.

John Carmack, Technical Director at id Software, was recently asked about what is called the RAGE Super Textures pack, which is an add-on that will allow those with powerful PCs to play the upcoming title with enhanced visual quality, and whether it’ll be used in Doom 4 or not. Carmack took it a step further, detailing just how challenging that will be considering the predicted mass of the horrifying title. Carmack stated:

There is a decent chance we will fill the PS3 Blu-ray with more data than we ship on DVDs for Doom 4, but we will have to see how much trouble it is maintaining two complete builds of the data.

To put that in perspective, the current storage capacity on the PS3 Blu-ray games is 50GB, which is substantially larger than the DVD and HD DVD formats. We’ve seen big games before, such as Final Fantasy XIII at 38GB, God of War 3 at 35GB, and Killzone 3 at an incredible 41.5GB, but filling up an entire Blu-ray is unheard of. In other words, Doom 4 is going to be a ginormous game, and one that we’re very excited to hear more about. Unfortunately, John Carmack has iterated several times that we won’t be seeing more from Doom 4 until after RAGE comes out. Makes sense, but it doesn’t make it any less painful. Then again, it’s nice to be able to sleep without terrifying nightmares. Thanks id Software.