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Rage 2 DLC

Rage 2 Will Offer Both Free and Paid DLC

Rage again and again.

doom movie release date

Universal Delays DOOM Movie to Fall 2019 to Improve the Look of Hell

The filmmakers have been given a chance to polish the film’s VFX.

Rage 2 and Far Cry New Dawn

Even Bethesda and Ubisoft Are Joking About Rage 2 and Far Cry New Dawn Parallels

Pink is indeed all the rage.

doom eternal composer

DOOM Composer Mick Gordon Is Recruiting Heavy Metal Screamers for a Choir

Could the choir be for DOOM Eternal?

rage 2 improvements

Rage 2’s Developer Says Its Open World and ‘Cool’ Ending Tackle Rage’s Biggest Flaws

Rage’s biggest flaws have been addressed in Rage 2.

rage 2 trailer

Get a Better Look at Rage 2 at The Game Awards 2018

Rage 2 deserves a nod in the non-existent Post-Post-Apocalyptic Western category.

rage 2 vehicles

Rage 2 Won’t Focus Too Much on Vehicles

Players will determine the significance of Rage 2’s vehicles.

rage 2 powers

Rage 2’s Nanotrite Powers Help Deliver a ‘Wasteland Superhero’ Experience

Not all heroes wear capes.

zenimax lawsuit

Id Software’s Co-Founder and Bethesda’s Parent Company Settle Legal Dispute

The Oculus appeal is ongoing.

Rage 2 preview

Adrenaline-Inducing First Impressions With Rage 2

Serving as a sequel to 2010’s Rage, Rage 2 promises berserk chaos and a fun-filled ride. Will it succeed come launch day however?

avalanche rage 2

Avalanche’s Involvement in Rage 2 Development Is ‘Vital’

Avalanche’s open world expertise helped id Software accomplish its vision.

doom eternal extra life

Here’s How DOOM Eternal’s Extra Life Power-Up Works

Here’s an extra line of defense against your jerk demon friends.

doom eternal name

Here’s Why DOOM Eternal Isn’t Called DOOM 2

It all comes down to recognition.

Rage 2 dev

RAGE 2’s Primary Developer Is Just Cause Studio, Avalanche, But It’ll Still Feel Like an id Software Game

It’ll feature flying vehicles.

doom eternal dlc

DOOM Eternal Will Have Single-Player DLC

It may be linked to the new Invasion feature.

rage 2 multiplayer

RAGE 2 Will Have a Social Component, Not ‘Typical’ Multiplayer

No word on microtransactions yet.

rage 2 extended gameplay

RAGE 2 Extended Gameplay Footage Presented at QuakeCon 2018

It’s the post-post-apocalypse!

DOOM Eternal Lets You Take Over Demons and Invade People’s Campaigns

More demons are coming in DOOM Eternal, obviously.

Doom Eternal Gameplay

Bethesda Confirms DOOM Eternal Gameplay Reveal Livestream Date

Only one more month until we see DOOM guy dismember more.

RAGE 2 leak

RAGE 2 Leak Actually Helped id Software Avoid Competing With Other Games During E3

Bethesda’s own Fallout 76 was a big one to avoid.