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Doom Dev iD Software is Hiring Developers to Work on a ‘Long-Running Iconic FPS’

iD Software, the developer behind games such as Doom, Quake, and Wolfenstein, is hiring people to work on a long-running iconic action FPS series. While the iD Software job listing gives no further information about the game in development, the company is looking for senior animators with experience in modeling cloth and hair.

The job listing notes that the game will be triple-A quality. The new Senior Technical Animator will work from the company’s office in Richardson, Texas. Not much else is mentioned aside from some technical experience requirements, such as in-depth knowledge in Havok physics and the Maya modeling program.

When it comes to long-running first-person shooters from iD Software, there are a few obvious examples. First is the Doom series, the latest of which was Doom Eternal released in 2020. However, iD Software has added multiple updates to Doom Eternal since its release and will likely continue to do so for some time. Most recently, iD Software added a Horde mode and BATTLEMODE 2.0 to Doom in a new update last week. Therefore, the Doom series is not a likely candidate for a new title.

Another possibility is the Wolfenstein series. Wolfenstein: Youngblood released back in 2019, and hasn’t seen much activity since. Unfortunately, Youngblood wasn’t exactly well-received and featured some pretty lukewarm storytelling elements. It’s also important to note that iD Software also created the Rage franchise.

Finally—and arguably the most promising—we have Quake. While a remastered version of Quake released earlier this year during the virtual Quakecon, iD Software hasn’t released a new title in the series since 2017’s Quake Champions. Recent rumors of a Quake reboot title with a female protagonist also support the possibility that the FPS title is the next Quake entry.

What famous long-standing iD Software action-FPS series would you like to see receive a new game? Let us know in the comments below.

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