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Doom Eternal Next Gen Update Adds Ray Tracing Support for PS5 and a New ‘Ray Tracer’ Ballista Skin

The Doom Eternal Next Gen update has added three new graphics modes for the PS5, bug fixes, a new master level, and a new “Ray Tracer” skin for the Ballista that shows off the update’s new capabilities. Those who purchased the PS4 version of the game are also eligible to receive a free upgrade to the next-gen version. The new update also takes advantage of the PS5’s DualSense adaptive triggers.

In the graphics department, the next-gen update offers a host of new capabilities that utilize the PS5’s updated hardware. Included is a ray-tracing graphics mode that can run 60 fps at 1800p, as well as other graphics modes that provide a steady gameplay experience at 4K. These graphics can be changed in the menu alongside a new “Ultra-quality” style graphics setting. Below are the official patch notes:

DOOM Eternal PS5 Update

  • Ray Tracing Graphics Mode running at 1800p/60 FPS
  • 120 FPS Graphics Mode running at 1584p
  • Balanced Graphics Mode running at 4K/60 FPS
  • HDR 10 in any Graphics Mode
  • Ultra-Quality Style Graphics Settings
  • Cross-Gen BATTLEMODE support with PlayStation 4
  • DualSense™ adaptive trigger support added for a new dimension to the Slayer’s iconic arsenal

Additionally, players can also now enable or disable the PS5’s adaptive triggers, which will vibrate and react as the player uses various weapons. For example, the Combat Shotgun will actually cause the trigger to kick back with each shot when using the Full Auto mod. PS4 controllers are getting an update as well, as the player can now enable or disable controller audio as well as change the volume for individual alerts and sounds.

In terms of content, the update provides a new reflective Ballista Skin called the “Ray Tracer” for free upon logging in. Id Software has also added a new master level titled “Taras Nabad” and includes cosmetic rewards upon completing the level’s Classic, Extra-Life, and Ultra Nightmare difficulty modes. BATTLEMODE is also getting a new arena called “Corrosion”, and the game mode itself has received various balancing updates.

For the full list of details, you can check out the official patch notes posted on the game’s official website. You can also check out the official Doom Eternal next gen update trailer below:

DOOM Eternal is available now.

[Source: Doom Eternal Website]