Eight Days Rises from the Ashes in Leaked Footage

Eight Days first made an appearance as a tech demo way back at E3 2005. Since then, the PlayStation 3 exclusive has been canceled, un-canceled, and finally canceled or indefinitely put on hold again. The title was a third person shooter being developed by Sony London that featured a heavy emphasis on co-op. There’s been no official word of it coming back, but some early footage has found it’s way onto the internet.

Richard Bunn, a former Sony employee, previously described the visuals of Eight Days to be jaw dropping. He indicated that some of the stuff being shown behind closed doors, when the title was still in development, would have definitely impressed people. Whether due to development costs, time or changes in the market, it’s a shame when a potentially great game gets canned. You can check out the footage below:


The clock is ticking for gamescom reveals. Maybe Sony has some aces up their sleeves. Keep your fingers crossed.