the last of us 1 remake gameplay

Report: The Last of Us 1 Remake Supports VRR, Footage Leaked

Sony Interactive Entertainment and Naughty Dog have found themselves battling The Last of Us leaks yet again as The Last of Us 1 Remake gameplay footage has leaked online. The clip in question shows a minute of the game’s tragic opening scene that made many of us shed a tear or two. If you’ve never played the game and are looking forward to it, we suggest leaving this page before getting to the video embedded at the bottom of this article… after going through the other details, of course!

The Last of Us 1 Remake gameplay looks stunning but don’t expect other improvements

The video in question was first shared in a Reddit thread that has since been deleted and it looks like the user has scrubbed their existence as well. But before leaving, they claimed the following:

  • The Last of Us Part 1 Remake has received a visual overhaul but there are no gameplay specific improvements
  • Majority of the improvements have been made in the audio and visual department
  • The Last of Us Part 1 Remake supports VRR, a 4K/40 fps Gameplay mode and 4K/60 fps Dynamic mode
  • The game will feature accessibility settings akin to those seen in The Last of Us Part II. The leaker also added that when Joel upgrades his weapons, players will be able to see him add attachments

The leaker provided no further details and didn’t say how they got hold of the clip. You can see some comparison screenshots ripped from the video above. As for the video itself, a copy can be found on the YouTube channel below. However, it may soon be removed.

In other news, PS Store’s big summer sale is now live, and Annapurna’s cat game Stray is off to a great start!