Draw Up Your Escape Plan With gamescom Screens

One of the big announcements coming out of Sony’s gamescom press conference was a little game called Escape Plan. Sony has now released the first screenshots for this brand new IP, set to release exclusively on the the PlayStation Vita.

Escape Plan features two characters named Laarg and Lil, with both characters looking very much like their names sound. Players must take the characters through treacherous levels full of hammers, moving platforms, and all other kinds of wicked gadgets.

You can get a look at the environment, which is portrayed in black and white, with the screenshots Sony released below. You also get a chance to check out the giant hammers that we have mentioned a few times now.

The game is yet another great reason to be looking forward to Vita and all that developers can do with the tools provided them. Enough of me, check out the screenshots of this great looking game below and tell us what you think in the comments below.