“Project Osborn” May Be Ubisoft’s Secret Shooter

According to an apparently credible source, Ubisoft is working on Project Osborn, a shooter involving terrorists on American soil.

You’ll definitely want to keep this in the rumor bin for the moment, but it’s recently been leaked that Ubisoft may be working on a squad based shooter where players will fight George Washington’s descendant, who has turned terrorist. The information comes from an anonymous source who told Siliconera the basic plot and structure of the game.

It begins with John Washington as a stalwart patriot thanks to his family roots which can be traced back 400 years to Jamestown. When he is sent to fight the Al Qaeda in Afghanistan the American military turns against him for unknown reasons, and sends an airstrike to destroy his base. John’s entire unit dies, but he survives, and starts a terrorist group known as the Minutemen. Their goal is to rebuild America under the ideals of his ancestors, having arrived at the belief that America has lost its way, and John uses his knowledge of guerilla tactics to achieve these ends.

Of course, the military responds to his attacks, sending a Navy Seal led group known as “Osborn” to put a stop to their actions. Gameplay will involve stealth elements, and players will get to experience it from both perspectives. Missions will take place in America, with one taking place on the Brooklyn Bridge being described. Osborn is sent to ambush the Minutemen, but they encounter the unexpected. A man is being forced into being a proxy bomber by Washington, who has kidnapped the man’s family. The squad sent to diffuse the bomb doesn’t have enough time, and after apologizing to the doomed man, players are given the choice to push him off the bridge.

It all sounds like very intense political fiction, and the perfect scenario to present players with more difficult decisions like the aforementioned bridge bombing. Hopefully there is in fact truth to this leak, because it sounds like Ubisoft may be onto something good.