Work Your Ass Off With the Move

There have already been a few exercise games released for the PS3. There was Get Fit With Mel B, EA Sports Active 2, and Zumba Fitness. With the amount of energy some Move games require, it’s natural that some developers would see the Move as a legitimate exercising tool. It’s time to clear some more floor space, because Sony has a brand new workout for gamers.

During Sony’s press conference this morning, they showed a trailer for Move Fitness. Like previous exercise games, Move Fitness is meant to be played solely with the Move controller. The trailer shows two Move controllers being used throughout the entire video, but the second Move controller could just be optional. Several different game modes were shown off, such as a basketball shooting competition, jumping jacks, jump squats, and boxing. Throughout the trailer, scores would pop up on screen and score multipliers, so it looks like the game will reward the player for doing well. The trailer also mentioned that gamers will have their own personal trainer, which will likely serve to encourage the player. Check out the trailer below and let us know if you plan on shedding some pounds: