Metal Gear Solid HD Collection Screens are Visually Stunning

A Metal Gear collection is on its way under the name of Metal Gear Solid HD Collection, and several screenshots of the visually impressive product have infiltrated the web.

Over a dozen screenshots of the upcoming Metal Gear Solid HD Collection are viewable below. This set of screenshots include both Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence, and Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, and the screenshots display a dramatic change in appearance. Also, some screenshots of the upcoming feature called Transfarring can be viewed, which will allow interchangeable play through both Vita and the PS3. See below:

Perhaps the largest improvement comes in the form of gameplay, where Peace Walker will benefit greatly from a second analog stick. However, the graphical improvements are definitely noticeable, and will make each of these award-winning games even more enjoyable to play. Remember, the collection will include both original Metal Gear titles, so even if you own the PS2’s Metal Gear Solid: The Essential Collection, this package is worth checking out for anyone who likes action and some awesome characters.