Prey 2’s Bright City Lights Shown Off in Latest Batch of Screens

The world of Prey 2 is absolutely gorgeous. Taking one out of Bladerunner’s book, the futuristic cityscape of Human Head Studios’ sequel is something to behold.

While footage from this city has been shown off before, the developers have yet to divulge the name of this location. Regardless, it is clear that they’ve been hard at work fleshing out an open world that feels like an actual living, breathing city. The unique use of dark and neon colors creates a stark contrast that really highlights the vibrant colors that speckle the world.

In Prey 2, you play as Killian Samuels, a man who unfortunately finds himself caught up in all sorts of alien conflict.  While the predecessor’s main character Tommy will not be playable, he will play an integral role in the story as a non-playable character.

Prey 2 is being published by Bethesda and will be released at an unspecified date some time next year.