Nihilistic: Developing for Vita After Working on PS3 “Not That Big of a Change”

After finally getting a glimpse of the Vita’s upcoming Resistance game subtitled Burning Skies, it is clear that the first-person shooter genre has a place on Sony’s handheld. Nihilistic, the development team currently working on the title, expressed their love for the hardware, claiming the transition from PS3 to PSV was incredibly smooth.

On an interview with the PS Blog, Burning Skies developer Rob Heubner praised the power of the Vita:

We’re a PlayStation 3 company. That’s our engine, that’s out technology. And really, [Sony] were looking for PS3 developers to milk the power out of the Vita, and I think that’s definitely the right way to go because it’s got a lot of power. It’s got all the shaders, it’s got a lot of CPU, so it’s really not that big of a change for us to work on the Vita compared to the PS3.

Heubner went on to explain that the ultimate goal with Resistance: Burning Skies is to create an experience that bears “no compromises” when compared to its console brethren. You can check out the interview in its entirety below:

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