Amazon Offers Games for a Steal to Celebrate PS3 Price Drop

The PlayStation 3 is now more affordable than we ever imagined possible with a price point of $249.99. As a result, sales have shot through the roof, and thousands of consumers are on the market for games. Amazon is here, as usual, to offer great deals for everyone.

Amazon is currently holding a PS3 Price Drop Celebration which includes a variety of games for ridiculously low prices. Tomb Raider Trilogy has been knocked down to $19.99 only months following release, and the same applies to Dragon Age 2, Dungeon Siege III, and Bulletstorm who have all dropped to $29.99, $32.99, and $29.99 respectively. There are plenty of games listed, so now is a great time to stock up on games that you’ve missed before the blockbusters hit store shelves later this year.

Remember, September is quickly approaching and is full of hot PS3 games for you to get your hands on, so if you’re in the need for a gaming fix, you’ll find plenty to enjoy starting with Resistance 3, The ICO and Shadow of the Colossus Collection, and even God of War: Origins Collection.