I Am Alive Teaser Leaked

I Am Alive is an upcoming survival action game set to release early 2012. The emphasis of the game will be exploration and survival, with the player having to find food, water, and weapons to fight off enemies. The game was shown off at E3 in 2010, and ever since then Ubisoft has been very quiet about the game. It seems like someone involved in development couldn’t handle the silence.

This leaked trailer showed up in a Neogaf forum. The teaser trailer was made using an old build of the game, so it is unclear how much gameplay has deviated from what is shown. The game looks like it will be a third person action game with first person shooting. The game will also incorporate free climbing, and it looks like the player will need to climb to new areas to find supplies to stay alive. The city also looks like it will be populated with plenty of people fighting for their own survival. One scene in particular shows the main protagonist holding up his hands and moving around, while a NPC points a gun at him. Check out the trailer below and let us know what you think.