Dragon’s Dogma Screens Take a Hike

Nearly two dozen screenshots of multiplatform “epic action game” Dragon’s Dogma have arrived, showing the hero getting some much needed assistance. Our brave and knowledgeable guide on this tour sadly might not live to see the end credits, however, judging by the fact that his name is “Main Pawn.” Guys, do you, um, need some help naming characters?

I’m kidding, naturally. With a release not scheduled until next year, it’d be understandable if his name is not yet decided. There’s also probably a plot point I’m missing. Anyway, we see that the hero has got some other companions as well, but they don’t speak — at least not in this batch of screens.

The size of the world is being marketed as one of this game’s key features, so fans looking forward to it are probably digging the environment shots. Capcom is the house behind out-of-control success Monster Hunter, so these lads know a thing or two about satisfying their target demographic. This game looks to have definite traits of Monster Hunter in its DNA.

Capcom plans to unleash Dragon’s Dogma in 2012 for both the PS3 and Xbox 360.