PS3 Price Cut Brings 65% Jump in UK Sales

After announcing a $50/£50 price drop on all PlayStation 3 consoles at this year’s gamescom, Sony appears to be reaping the benefits on its new budget friendly price tag. While a jump is sales was to be expected, a 65% spike in the first week is certainly nothing to scoff at.

According to MVC, a “reliable retail source” slipped them the details, with the site also claiming that 5,000 six-sheet public poster ads promoting the drop are hitting the high street as we speak. Expect to see Sony touting the new £199 price tag quite a bit now in the UK, as well as the $249 price in the US. It’s hard to believe that this piece of hardware used to run for £425/$600.

SCEA’s director of hardware marketing, John Koller touted his excitement for the future of the console and its fantastic lineup of games this holiday season.

We’re opening our arms for the Xbox 360 and Wii owners to come over. There’s a real opportunity for those consumers to be able to play, what we view, are the best games in the industry on the PS3 this fall.

The entry level 160GB model will run you $250, while the 320GB inFamous 2 bundle will set you back $300. At this price, there really is no reason not to own one.