PlayStation Release Horizon – Week of August 23, 2011

While we’re only weeks away from the blockbuster filled month of September PS3 exclusives, gamers are still forced to make due with the limited supply of new releases that has trended as of late. This week, Eidos Interactive’s coveted cybernetic themed role-playing game hits home consoles while the rest of the PlayStation platforms are still given the cold shoulder. 

Check out the full release list below:


  • Deus Ex: Human Revolution (08/23)
    • Augmented Edition


  • No new releases


  • No new releases

While the retail space has no new offerings for the PSP and barely anything for the PS3, the PlayStation Store update of this week is offering a few pleasant surprises in the form of a PSOne classic and some PSN downloadables.

Will you be picking up Deus Ex? Let us know in the comments below.