PlayStation Stars down

PlayStation Stars Downtime Now Surpassing 2011’s Infamous PSN Outage

PlayStation Stars has now been down a tad longer than 2011’s infamous PSN outage, with no resolution in sight. All set to break its past record, Sony Interactive Entertainment has not provided a time frame for restoration of the loyalty program, leaving players locked out of their PS Stars points for nearly four weeks now.

PlayStation Stars members becoming increasingly frustrated as program remains down

Reports of PS Stars outage first emerged during the first week of June, and it took Sony a couple of days to acknowledge the problem. There’s been no communication from the company since, and PlayStation Support agents have been giving players a variety of answers regarding points earned during the downtime.

For context, the 2011 PSN outage lasted a little over three weeks after a major intrusion by hackers. This time, however, it seems that the issue is of Sony’s own making.

We recently reported that players appear to be racking up points for their purchases while PS Stars is down, and shared two backdoor methods of checking points. This has since been disputed by a number of members, who took to Reddit to reveal that none of their recent purchases had been accounted for when they checked their points history using the outlined methods.

Here’s hoping that there’s a little bit of compensation from Sony. I’ll take some free points.