PS Stars points

PS Stars Members Are Apparently Getting Points for Their Purchases During Outage

It looks like PS Stars points are still being awarded to members for their purchases during the ongoing outage. Players have found a way to check their points history despite the loyalty program being unavailable, and have noticed that their recent purchases have all been accounted for, much to their relief.

How to check your PS Stars points during program outage

A few days ago, a Reddit user shared a way to check PS Stars points using a backend link while logged into the PS Store. Those who did go through the step found that they were awarded points for their purchases made during the downtime.

Earlier today, another Reddit user shared a more straightforward but slightly long-winded way to check your points history, which requires the use of PS App. By going to your Profile and selecting “Privacy,” players can request access to their data via “Access Your Personal Information” option. Sony then sends out an email with a URL that displays PS Stars points history. The email might take a few hours to generate.

Both methods work, and members who have used them have confirmed that points are being awarded — something PlayStation’s own support agents weren’t too sure of.