PlayStation Stars down

PlayStation Stars Members Get Conflicting Responses From PS Support Amid Lengthy Outage

PlayStation Stars has been down for nearly two weeks now, with members of the rewards program struggling to get a uniform answer from PlayStation Support agents. Sony‘s support staff is infamous for their lack of information, but in the absence of an official statement, players have no option but to contact the helpline.

Sony has only acknowledged that PlayStation Stars is down

Days after the rewards program went offline, Sony acknowledged that PS Stars is “currently experiencing issues.” “Our engineers are aware of the issue and are working on a solution,” reads a message on PlayStation’s website as well as the PS App.

Interestingly, the PS App was recently updated and received a new animation for PS Stars, but clicking it leads to the message above. There’s no ETA for a fix.

Over on Reddit, players have been posting screenshots of their chats with Sony’s support agents. While some players have been reassured that their reward points will remain intact and they will receive points for their purchases during the outage, others have been told to wait for the program to go back online if they want to receive points.

In other words, nobody truly knows what’s going on with PS Stars and whether there will be any compensation for this outage or not.