PlayStation Stars

PlayStation Stars Has Disappeared in the Midst of Days of Play

Sony’s PlayStation Stars loyalty program has mysteriously disappeared in the midst of the Days of Play 2024 campaign. The issue first cropped up a couple of days ago when players noticed that the PS Stars tab went missing from the PS App, and we can confirm that it’s still down right now. Sony has yet to acknowledge or fix the problem.

There’s no word on PlayStation Stars coming to an end

To put speculations to rest, the PS Stars program isn’t coming to an end as Sony only just rolled out the rewards campaigns for June 2024. But it’s certainly a tad annoying that the program went offline amidst Days of Play because players have been locked out of claiming rewards and using their points.

As a reminder, players rack up points for each purchase made from the PS Store, and it just so happens that there are multiple massive sales going on at the moment. People have expressed concerns that if they make purchases while PS Stars is down, they won’t get any points and will miss out. It doesn’t help that it takes Sony ages to fix glitches in PlayStation’s network services.

At the time of this writing, there’s no other way to access PS Stars and there’s no word on when the issue will be fixed.