Rhythmic Jumping on PSN is Impossible

The Impossible Game gained popularity very quickly when it released on the Xbox Live Indie Marketplace, with its success bringing it to smartphones. The game has you controlling a cube that is continually propelled forward, with the player only having to press the jump button to avoid obstacles. What sets The Impossible Game apart from other platformers is its fast-paced, techno soundtrack, and the fact that it is incredibly difficult. PlayStation gamers should prepare themselves to break a lot of controllers.

The Impossible Game is going to come to the minis section of the PSN, which means that it will be available for play on the PS3 and the PSP. The game will release on September 6th in North America for $2.99, and will release in all other regions on September 7th for €1.99. Although minis are fairly cheap, PS+ subscribers will receive a discount on the price. The minis version of the Impossible Game will include all the levels from other versions of the game, and an exclusive level, Phazd.

Check out a trailer for the game below, and then head over to FlukeDude’s website for a free trial of the game.