PS Plus Dave the Diver First Anniversary update

PS Plus Hit Dave the Diver Gets PSN Freebies, New Content Update

Developer Mintrocket announced the new First Anniversary Update for the action-adventure management game Dave the Diver, which recently made a splash on PS Plus. Version introduces a new mini-game, new PSN profile avatars, and more.

What’s in the Dave the Diver First Anniversary Update?

The Dave the Diver update’s main attraction is the new Evil Factory demo mini-game. Players can unlock it for the in-game smartphone by calling the operator, choosing claim reward, and entering the code “DAVEANNIVERSARY.” Completing the Evil Factory demo unlocks the new Leo Keychain charm. Speaking of charms, the player can now decorate their in-game phone with a mini-Dave charm.

Meanwhile, Dave the Diver fans can also decorate their PlayStation Network profile with one of seven new avatars. Options include Dave, Cobra, head chef Bancho, staff recruiter Yoshie, and Momo the cat. Fans of the PS Plus game can unlock the avatars for free by entering one of the region-specific codes listed below.

  • North and South America: RBKQ-T9TL-KJ3M
  • Europe, Africa, Middle East, and Oceania: ENR6-2E7R-77QX
  • Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, and Southeast Asia: DHBC-86B5-MX3J
  • Japan: 3AT8-X3M6-QXGJ
  • South Korea: 3LQ6-NNR3-HG3Q

The Dave the Diver Anniversary Update also fixes bugs and introduces performance improvements.

Dave the Diver patch notes

System Improvements

  • Optimization
    • Improved load speed of scene transitions

Bug Fixes

  • Sea Exploration
    • Fixed an issue where Dave would become unresponsive when hit while charging Mjolnir 
    • Fixed an issue where Dave could not pass through sleeping rays
    • Fixed an issue where some objects were awkwardly floating in certain areas
  • Missions
    • Chapter 6: Fixed an issue where Dave could not be controlled during the ‘Ancient Stone Slab’ mission when encumbered
    • Fixed an issue where, in certain situations, the mission would be marked as failed even after successfully taking the Manta Ray’s picture
  • Bosses
    • Fixed an issue that could cause the Clione Queen to become immobilized when attacked with a Shock Harpoon Tip in certain situations
  • Sea People Village
    • Fixed a display issue with the Beluga Taxi cutscene that occurred in certain areas
    • Fixed an issue where certain characters were hidden behind background items
  • Sushi Restaurant
    • Fixed an issue where Dave was hidden behind the sushi bar in certain scenes
    • Fixed an issue where in-game time would continue to pass even when the device was in rest mode, if the sushi restaurant was open
    • Mini-game
    • Fixed an issue where the floor blocked jumping in the mini-game ‘Leahs RUN!’
    • Achievements
    • Fixed an issue where killing a FishMon instead of capturing it would still count towards the achievement
  • Other
    • Fixed an intermittent issue where the “Retake” button in the Picture Album App would not appear
    • Fixed an issue where the Mini-game app was available before the content was unlocked
    • Fixed an issue where certain texts were displayed unnaturally
  • Godzilla DLC
    • Fixed an issue where the screen would flash intermittently while repairing the submarineFixed an issue where Godzilla interior items were hidden behind other items
    • Fixed an issue where Ebirah’s front claw would be displayed unnaturally in certain situations
  • All DLC
    • ⁠Fixed a display issue with the “Godzilla (1995) Head” boat skin in DREDGE EXPLORE mode