Black Ops v1.12 Patch Detailed, Now Available for Download

The latest Call of Duty: Black Ops patch is now available for download, bringing a number of changes to the online multiplayer. Patch v1.12 clocks in at 63MB and includes a number of new playlists.

The first of the new playlists is called Express, which features a 30 second lobby timer and only smaller game maps. It will also include no game modes with respawn timers, no Second Chance and no Ghost. The second, dubbed DLC Moshpit will allow gamers to play on only DLC maps. Finally, as the name implies, DLC Hardcore Moshpit will feature only the DLC maps using hardcore game modes.

The patch changes include:

  • Addressed an issue with attack dogs causing them to “warp” under rare circumstances.
  • Fixed an exploit allowing players to purchased locked classified weapons
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed players to get above 15th Prestige using Combat Training/Player Match menus.
  • Improvements to spawn system.
  • Addressed some bugs with Custom Game Settings for CTF related to Touch Return Disabled
  • Players can now select other clan tag colors besides red/white if they are unlocked.
  • Addressed an exploit where players were resetting their Winstreak and Killstreak stats.
  • Fixed exploit earning XP in local split screen.
  • When the Circle button is set with “enter” functionality, it now works properly on the Challenges menu.

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