Silent Hill: HD Collection Box Art is Ghostly in the Best Way Possible

The Silent Hill: HD Collection is only a month or two away, and now we have our hands on the official boxart for the title, and as with other releases in the series, it’s a gorgeous piece of art.

Konami’s Silent Hill: HD Collection box art features Maria, an integral character in Silent Hill 2, with an extremely ghostly appearance. It also shows the included games, Silent Hill 2 and 3, both of which had great cover art as well. See it in full glory below:

It was recently confirmed that the collection will only include the two above mentioned titles, which almost immediately faced backlash from fans of the psychologically horrifying series. The Producer responded by stating that Konami only intends to re-release the games that fans truly care about. While the original Silent Hill is perhaps the most renowned, and even sparked a movie adaptation, PlayStation One remakes simply aren’t viable. Thankfully, Silent Hill 2 is included, which features one of the most captivating stories in the series, as well as plenty of thrilling moments.