Silent Hill HD Collection Skips Seven Releases, Includes Only What “Fans Cared” About

Silent Hill: Origins, Shattered Memories, and Downpour Producer, Tomm Hulett, had a chance to speak about the upcoming Silent Hill HD Collection, and has revealed why only two of the Silent Hill releases are packaged into the bundle. Tomm stated:

We really wanted to focus on the we knew fans cared the most about since we needed to put in the effort to put them in HD, redo the sound, and do all these things, we didn’t want to give them something we weren’t sure they wanted 100%

As a series fan, I find this to be a bold statement. The first two releases are the two most well-known, but I was more terrified by Silent Hill 4: The Room than any other release in the decade-old franchise. The Twin Victims are arguably the most frightening in the series next to Pyramid Head, and something about being locked in that creepy apartment ruined my sleeping schedule for a week or two.

If you could pick only two releases in the series to convert to HD, which would you choose? Share your thoughts in the comments below.