Cross Game Chat #52 – Cardboard Boxes Kill

This week, Cameron is wearing his thumbs down to the bone playing games at PAX, so Josh, PMC, and Eric sit down to talk about this week’s news. Our feature is dedicated to what games we would like to see from third party developers on the PS3. Josh thinks Ubisoft should develop a new stealth game, Eric would like to see 2K take over the Resistance series, and PMC wants a new open world game from Rockstar. Also, Josh would love a game where you can kill people with cardboard boxes and hide in the ladies room.

This Week’s News Topics

  • Skyrim DLC is Xbox Timed Exclusive Read>>
  • Counter-Strike: GO Gets Mouse and Move support Read>>
  • PlayStation Owners to See the Benefits of PSN-Steam Integration This September Read>>
  • Twisted Metal Gets Release Date Read>>
  • Closure Coming to PSN Next Spring Read>>
  • EA: Call of Duty Will be Dead In 2-3 Years Read>>
  • EA Plans to Pump Out One or Two New IPs Every Year Read>>
  • Insomniac Sees Resistance Series Going to Another Developer Read>>

Next week is the beginning of September, so our feature will be winners and losers for August. Plenty of games came out this month, such as Deus Ex: Human Revolution, El Shaddai, and Madden NFL 12. Send in what games you loved and hated to [email protected] or PSLifeStyle via Twitter. You can also stop by every night to chat with other community members or watch a live broadcast of the podcast.

PMC’s Music Pick

Big D and the Kids Table

Eric’s Beer of the Week

Molson M