EA Plans to Pump Out “One or Two” New IPs Every Year

With games like Battlefield 3 and Mass Effect 3 on the horizon, publisher Electronic Arts appears to be playing it safe with a stellar line up of sequels. Well, EA Labels president Frank Gibeau wants to assure gamers that they can expect plenty of new and unique content to come out of EA every year.

Speaking with CVG at gamescom, Gibeau explained:

We’re always going to be in the new IP business. It’s entertainment – we have to stay fresh and we’ve got to change with the times and stay ahead of the curve in terms of what people are anticipating and want. We’re always going to be building new IP and the mix that we have now is… you’re right, we do have a lot more titles now that are proven, where as a few years ago we we’re coming out with a lot of IPs because the cupboards were bare. We had been a licensed-oriented group.

Looking forward, EA plans to innovate like they did a few years ago, brining gamers totally fresh experiences like they did with Mirror’s Edge and Dead Space.

I figure we’ll probably be doing one to two new IPs a year as far out as I can see – and we always have new IPs in development. We go through a green light process and in technology development and gameplay development we’re always looking at new, fresh ways at applying product.

It’ll be exciting to see what new content EA has in store for gamers next year… in addition to Mass Effect 3 of course.

EA Plans to Pump Out “One or Two” New IPs Every Year