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Hideki Kamiya Hints at Bayonetta 2 Reveal

It looks like SEGA and Platinum Games may have a big announcement slated that is sure to satisfy fans of the hardcore action genre. The leather clad dominatrix Bayonetta, star of her own critically acclaimed hack ‘n’ slash game, may be set to make her triumphant return to the gaming scene. Director Hideki Kamiya has shared some details that imply that an announcement may be coming rather soon.

Responding to a fans question on twitter, as to when a Bayonetta sequel may be announced, as translated by Adriasang, Kamiya replied:

This week… in a game magazine.

Kamiya didn’t state whether or not he was being serious, or just joking around, but with the Tokyo Game Show set to take place very soon the timing seems to be right. Last October, Platinum co-founder Atsushi Inaba said that it was too soon to think about a Bayonetta sequel, but that his studio would definitely consider it when the time was right. Maybe that time is now, keep your fingers crossed.