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Kevin Butler Makes Comeback in New Ad Campaign: Long Live Play

Sony feels that at this point everyone knows that the PS3 “only does everything” and has moved on to a new ad campaign for the US. However, they haven’t moved on from their favorite mascot and hype man: Kevin Butler.

Kevin Butler is back, and after only a few days working at Economy Flooring, SCEA President Jack Tretton brought Kevin Butler back to where he belongs. The new ad campaign kicks off a new slogan: Long Live Play. And it debuts at the perfect time; the PS3 price is now $249.99, the holiday season is around the corner, and Sony has more AAA games in its lineup than ever before.

Here’s a first look at the new Long Live Play ad campaign and the reemergence of Kevin Butler. Be warned: This video features flaming no-look crossbow shots and plenty of awesome:

Keep watch for more Long Live Play ads in the coming weeks.