Deep Silver Pulls Back the Curtain on Dead Island’s Launch Trailer

With less than a week until its release, the first person zombie thriller Dead Island is nearly upon us. The tropical paradise gone to hell looks disturbingly fantastic and is beautifully displayed in the game’s launch trailer.

Often described as Dead Rising meets Left 4 Dead, this zombie action game takes melee combat to a whole new level and, to be sure you see all the brutal violence up close and personal, Deep Silver has gone with a first person view. Sure, zombie games have been done to death, but with a unique play style that really draws gamers into the action and the serious yet playful tone the game evokes, there is plenty of new here to be excited about.

Don’t believe me? Take a look at the launch trailer below and you’re sure to be converted:

Dead Island will launch on September 6th in the US and September 9th in the UK.