Fox News Calls Flower a Conduit for Brainwashing Children

It has become a regular occurrence to see media outlets attacking the video game industry for its affect on children. Mass Effect was a strong topic of debate a few years back due to its inclusion of sexual encounters, and games like Grand Theft Auto and Mortal Kombat have made routine appearances on prime time news for their violent imagery. Now a new game has joined the club, and it’s one that you’d likely never guess.

One of Fox News’ latest discussions was centered around environmentalism and its increasing presence in video games. During the three minute segment, several games were referenced as potentially hazardous influences to children, including Sim City for its anti-pollution gameplay mechanics, and most surprisingly a game that many would call one of the most peaceful in gaming history: Flower. Much of the discussion revolved around the supposed fear mongering that is prominent in several games, namely Flower. The guest for the segment mentioned that games with environment-centric themes are used to “brainwash” children into fearing industrialism, deforestation, and several other major political topics.

Flower was extremely well received when it released in 2007, and while it had no dialogue, it spoke strongly with its presentation. It’s anti-pollution themes were mild, but apparent, and far from being something that would potentially harm a child or teenager’s mind.