First Screens of Persona 4: The Golden Appear Online

Last week we brought you the news that Atlus was developing an enhanced port of Persona 4, dubbed The Golden, for the PlayStation Vita. Today, Atlus has released the first screenshots of this newly announced game and you can view them after the break.

In the screenshots we get a glimpse of the new event scenes, anime scenes, and a brand new character for the port, Marie. This new character is a mysterious girl who appears before the main character and from the screenshots she looks like an interesting character.

In this enhanced port, gamers will enjoy 1.5 times the voice overs of the original PS2 game, new personas, outfits, and some secret features that were highly requested by fans. The game will also feature 3G/WiFi support, which is probably used for a new SOS system, where when a player dies in a dungeon, he can summon help from other players, though this feature has not been detailed yet.

Persona 4: The Golden is set to release on the PlayStation Vita, but no timetable has been given.