Lumines Vita Screens Are Full of Color

Lumines originally launched back on the PSP, and was a smash hit among gamers and critics. It was a simple, yet addicting puzzle game that was great to play on the go and had one of the best soundtracks at the time. Naturally, a follow-up to Lumines would make a great addition to the PlayStation Vita line-up, and Ubisoft agrees. Last month, Ubisoft announced that they were publishing a new Lumines game for the Vita, and today we get the first screens for the game.

The game titled Lumines: Electronic Symphony has received four screen shots, and the first thing that fans of the series will notice is that the screens look similar to previous Lumines games. Gameplay looks like it will be exactly the same, with the familiar timeline sweeping across the stage to clear blocks. The interface looks identical, with upcoming blocks on the left, and information about the player’s score and level on the right. There is also the spot for the player avatar in the bottom left corner. One thing that gamers can’t get from screenshots is the music. The Japanese house and techno music is the defining characteristic of the series, so fans will have to wait for some videos of the game to find out if the music is as good as in previous titles.